At The Marbrook Centre we understand how important it is for everyone to continue to do the things that they love. And we believe that giving each of our residents the opportunity to do so, as well as being introduced to new experiences, makes an undeniable difference to their health and wellbeing.

Enter Sherene, Activities Coordinator here at the Marbrook, she tells us that ‘Enabling everyone at The Marbrook Centre to live their best life and seeing them happy and smiling is the best part of my job’.

Sherene has been with the Marbrook Centre since March 2021 and she provides person centred one-to-one and group activities for the residents on Bray and Mayfield households. On a daily basis you could find Sherene baking cookies, facilitating an exercise class or hosting a pamper morning.

Sherene is part of NAPA, an organisation that assists professionals in delivering fun and meaningful activities within their work environments and offers training to encourage a person-centred approach to caring for people. Ensuring residents have maximum input into the activities that take place so that they feel involved is one of the most important parts of this role.

It goes without saying that COVID has had an impact on us all the last 2 years, for Sherene that has meant adapting the way in which she would usually work. Group sessions need to be in much smaller numbers and therefore more classes need to be fitted into a working day, we have residents classed as high risk who still need to socialise but cannot necessarily take part in group activities. On top of that family members or friends are unable to get involved in any way which can be hard on some of our residents.

Sherene tells us that she believes communication is the key within her role and also working with everyone’s strengths as well as working on individual difficulties that other may have. ‘I believe my role allows staff to be able to get on with their care focused tasks. Family feel happier knowing their loved ones are active and doings things they enjoy and residents are able to interact with one another and continue hobbies and interests. I can take the pressure away from other staff members and allow our residents to still able to get on and live their lives and maintain a sense of normality.