Lesa McAnulty

Lesa McAnulty

Chief Operating Officer

I love my job! In a nutshell, I am here to look after everyone and to ensure Team Marbrook has the best tools to do their jobs. So, what are these tools? Well, in the toolbox is good training and support, a nice environment, the best equipment, clear leadership and the remaining space in the toolbox is filled with care and compassion.

I’m a nurse by training, albeit a moderately old one, having qualified in 1985! Since I qualified I have followed the management, rather than the clinical path. I also spent 5 years as a care home inspector in the 90s where I saw the good, the bad and the ugliest of care services!

So, back to why I love my job. I see people every day who have experienced life changing injuries and health challenges. They and their families are truly extraordinary people; their strength, optimism and motivation to be the best they possibly can be, is an amazing thing to share in. This is a constant reminder to me to make every day count, value what I have and not to complain or worry about things I don’t! The icing on the cake is to witness Team Marbrook supporting people on these difficult and challenging journeys with such care and compassion. I am one happy bunny.

Being a vegetarian, supporting my beloved Spurs, sipping a good red wine, being a mum to a wonderful teenage lad and all things animal and nature. I am compelled to move snails and slugs off of paths so they don’t get squashed and chase an upset wasp around the house to release it humanely in the garden. To this end, I have also have Flo the cat and 2 fantastic rescue dogs. I would have many more rescue pets but the husband would leave!

Dining with people who are eating offal, the gap between the train and the platform, people who ask me why I don’t eat meat and do I think vegetables feel pain? Arsenal Football Club, bullies and racists.

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