On 11th April the Marbrook Centre officially opened for residents. The Marbrook ‘project’ has been many years in the planning and design stage. Long before the first footing was dug or brick laid, we were sharing our plans and ideas with our NHS colleagues and CCG commissioners. In fact, the idea for a two bedroom transition training flat to give residents and their carers the time and space to gain the confidence to move on was developed in this dialog.

It was with much pride and excitement that we welcomed the Hunts Post team in for a photoshoot and story about what we have built. Seeing visitors’ reactions for the first time they take a tour is always a pleasure. The outside of the building can never do justice to the attention to detail of the inside, or the enthusiasm that shines through any conversation with our team. So what did the press think about us? Find out here.

Now we are open the clinical team are busy taking referrals for both our neurological rehabilitation and specialist dementia services. We take the assessment of any potential resident very seriously. Most assessments are discussed in our formal weekly referral meeting. This is where the clinical multi-disciplinary team share their thoughts, concerns and future care plans for each person being assessed, before deciding if the Marbrook Centre is best placed to support them. Interestingly enough, it’s almost a 50/50 split, between those we offer a place to and those we don’t think the fit is quite right.

An important part of this process is spending quality time with the individual’s family. This enables time for the family to get to know our team, because our team could be given the most important job in the world, looking after their loved one. It also allows time for the family to paint a picture of the individual, before their accident or diagnosis. If we don’t spend time listening to the stories, achievements and aspirations “pre-incident”, how can we possibly support the individual for their future? If you would like to know more about our admission process, ring our dedicated referral line on 01480 470 470.

Next month is the start of the neuro rehab conference season. If you are attending the APIL Annual Conference in Birmingham or the Somek & Associates Conference in Nottingham, do come to our stand and say hello. It will also be the first opportunity to see our neurological and dementia care brochures, which should also be able to be downloaded from our website before the month is out.

Please keep a watchful eye on our website and of course our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the very latest news and photos.