Trying to sum up our values into just 3 words is really difficult task.

How do you encapsulate the collective talents, skills and knowledge which our nursing and therapy bring together to create The Marbrook Centres care ethos?

Marbrook maybe a fabulous bespoke new building, but however nice the environment is, it’s not a service, it’s all the people in the building that brings the place to life. So what are the core values which are common to all that work here, regardless of their role, clinical or not?

Competence – You may describe yourself as caring, but unless you are also truly competent in carrying out your role, the quality of life of those you support is compromised. Attention to detail, the desire for ongoing training, a sense of pride in what you do is as crucial in a Housekeeping role, as it is in a Senior Nurse.

Choice – When you have experienced a life changing incident, it can feel that your ability to make your own life choices has also been taken away from you. All our roles at Marbrook are underpinned by the desire for every individual in our care to gain as much choice and control over their lives as possible. It’s often the things we can easily take for granted that we most want to control. For one person it could be the ability to buy and wear our own clothes, enabled by the latest EyeGaze technology or perhaps after a long stay in hospital, it’s the simple pleasure of once again seeing your much loved pet dog.

Compassion – This isn’t feeling sad for someone, compassion is a true sense of empathy developed with each individual because you know who they were before their lives changed. If living with dementia has taken away your ability to communicate easily, it important that your care team understand your background, your past careers, the things you like and those you don’t. ‘Challenging’ is not the right way to describe someone who has taken the vacuum cleaner you were using, it’s just an Engineer braking it down into its core components, to understand how it works!

Competence, Choice & Compassion, the Marbrook way.