February has been another busy month here at The Marbrook Centre and we can really see the building coming alive.

The outside has really changed as we have replaced the diggers and portacabins for lawns and a proper car park. It’s been a busy car park as it’s been a month of deliveries; from beds to vending machines, gym equipment to water coolers, lorries have been lining up to install them.

More important than all the new goodies being delivered has been the intensive interview process our first recruits have been facing as it’s the skilled clinical and care team that make a service. It’s been really reassuring to have had such a large number of people wanting to work with us. The upside for us is that we have been able to select the very best and it will be great when we all come together for our two week initial induction training and start to bond as a team.

The importance of our care team has been underlined as we have welcomed our first families in to meet the clinical leads and have a tour of the centre. Some of their personal stories and the subsequent health journeys they have endured, have been very humbling.

Part of the broader holistic approach we wish to share with our residents, their families and carers, is to help promote peer to peer support, as so often they are sharing the same fears and challenges. We are hoping to help with this through a number of methods in the near future. One idea being discussed is ‘carers cafes’. These will be closed groups on our new Facebook page.

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