Having been open for nearly 10 months now, it’s easy to take for granted the amazing resource we have built here at The Marbrook Centre, in terms of the physical building and our therapy team. These reflections crystallised in a visit by Matt Hampson and members of his charitable foundation this month. Matt, a former England U21 & Leicester Tigers prop, came to visit as part of his research for his own #GetBusyLiving rehab centre his foundation are planning to build. Knowing we had just been through this process, Matt wanted to know what we had learnt, what we would change and what rehab equipment we had invested in.

It was our gym that really impressed them, in its size, but also how light and inviting it is. This is the advantage of a bespoke new building and a rehab gym designed by a neuro physio (not the old cliché of knocking the wall down between the two darkest bedrooms that nobody wants and sticking the label GYM on the door).

Equipment like our overhead tracking, which helps to give an individual the self-confidence to take the first steps is not exactly an easy retro fit, if you haven’t done the structural engineering to support it to start with. (Video link)

As pleasant and enabling as our environment is, it’s the individuals in our therapy team which really make the difference to the future quality of lives for our patients.

And you could join this team.

If you are either an Occupational Therapist or a Therapy Assistant, wanting to be part of a proactive neuro rehab team, contact us today and tell us what motivates you to make a real difference in people’s lives. Visit our Recruitment page.