We have always strived to make the care and rehabilitation services offered here as outcome focused as possible. But what does that really mean?

For us it’s a mix of the tangible benefits each person gains from their rehab here; their increased ability to achieve specific tasks enabling them to be more independent, as well as a boost in their self-confidence, so they feel more able to face their new life’s challenges.

Rehabilitation is tiring, it can sometimes feel frustrating and stressful, not only to each individual in our care, but for their families and loved ones. Just because you have experienced a life changing incident doesn’t mean life and all its bills are put on hold.

The Marbrook Centre maybe an aesthetically pleasing building, but what’s it like to actually live here?

Working here is not the same as living here, so we thought we should ask ‘the experts’ and the only people whose opinions should count the most. Therefore as part of the discharge process here, each person is given a review card to share their thoughts and experiences.

We will never be perfect and have had our ‘growing pains’ over the last 18 months since we opened.

So what did they say?


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